Transportation Alternatives - Bike Rules!

One of my biggest role models for advocacy has always been the Transportation Alternatives organization in New York. While I was visiting there, I found that their office was only one block away from my office and I was lucky enough to attend several of their events and presentations. TA has helped push the bike/ped culture that New York has suddenly gotten in the past few years. They helped implement 200 miles of bike facilities in the past 3 years and proposed 50 miles/year in the future.

Above is a video from their Bike Rules! campaign, from their executive director Paul Steely White. He sums up my thoughts exactly. I personally donated to their organization and received one of their "One Less Car" t-shirts. The money only goes to help New York cyclists, but I figure that by helping them, I may be helping to set a national precedence and get this type of treatment implemented here in Orlando.