Orlando Bike/Pedestrian Meeting Recap

Even though I am not physically in Orlando to participate in this month's Bike/Ped Meetig, I was there in spirit and got a full recap from my friend Geoff. Below is his take from the meeting. It looks like Orlando is making the propoer steps to become a bike/ped oriented city. It feels like good things are on the horizon.

Geoff says-
Wow there was a lot of activity at the meeting today. A large crowd and many agenda items, including;

The Gertrude's Walk plan (they were planning bollards and landscape planters were suggested as an alternate)

A bike share program (Bike About USA), who runs the new Denver program, would center around the Sunrail stations, commuters would be a primary customer.

CITY ARTS FACTORY - The bike kitchen: The August "what moves you" program. Grand opening next Thursday Aug 19th, 6-9pm. Greg Liebowitz is partnering with the Rusted Chain and hopes after the City Arts run is over to keep the project going permanently. Possible connection to the city mountain bike park where there is a spare building.

CITY MOUNTAIN BIKE PARK: Public hearing w the city council next Tues Aug 17 8:30 am... one nearby resident is opposing the 16 acre project. Recommended for advocates to show up and voice our support for the project.

Kenneth Nuckols is looking to open a Bike Commuter Station in downtown, called The Spoke Stop. It will be located on a Lymmo line and be a for-profit business.

Cyclovia - The Sunday Parkway project: Tentative date is March 13, the route is 11.9 miles long, Robinson to McGuire to Bennett to Corrine to Orange and back downtown. Would be for all pedestrian, bike, rollerblade/skate people, highlighting local business districts along the route.

I was unable to stay for the training presentations about Cycling Savvy and Bike 101... I'll attempt to get a recap and share that soon.

It's really great that so many cool bike things are happening in Orlando, NOW is the time to get involved in something and make some of these great ideas successful realities.

Start with the Bike Kitchen opening next Thursday night 6-10 at the City Arts Factory... all you have to do to contribute to the success is just show up!!!