Central Park's Bike Race

I think you know it is going to be a good day when you get to the corner of Central Park and see a sign that says "Caution Bicycle Race In Progress". I started having flash backs to riding with the Lakemont group, the Horrible 100, etc. The cool thing about this race was that it was almost like watching a professional race. They had motor bikes to lead the race and race officials with referee whistles and orange cones and flags to mark road obstacles.

The Central Park circuit is 6.25 miles and their race was comprised of 10 laps. This gave them a pretty good variety of hills and wide open road to speed through. The race organizers weren't able to close the park, so it was full of spectators and fans that cheered on the riders as they sped by. I watched a few laps and had to head back to the apartment, but I am researching some of their bike clubs to see when their next rides are.