Guerrilla Bike Lane In Baltimore

As I was cruising the internet today, I came across this interesting project that was implemented last month. guerrilla bike lanes have popped up in a few cities where cyclists and advocates have stepped up and put the power in their own hands to get the bike facilities that they so desire. Not to say that bike lanes are the best solution for all cases, but they do narrow traffic lanes which slows traffic speeds, and it creates awareness to motorists that bikes may be present. I only wonder what the officials will start doing when advocates start painting protected bike lanes or stripping complete lanes away. Maybe then they will see that the public does have a desire for more livable transportation solutions.

Check out the video of their work here: Guerrilla Bike Lane from Roving Media Productions on Vimeo.

In the middle of the night, on Monday, July the 26th (or more correctly, the morning of the 27th) a group of activist artists made a bold statement on the streets of Baltimore. They left behind a bike lane, stencil art, and their manifesto which reads:

"The Guerrilla Bike Lane arose from a desire to express ourselves and our passion for an escalating need to reduce the use of fossil fuels. We seek to promote and establish fair and safe riding conditions for cyclists in Baltimore. The intention of our guerrilla artwork is to educate the public using environmentally friendly and creative means in a non-aggressive way. We hope this will serve as a catalyst for people to see and build the community within the city, to consciously take action instead of settling for an inactive way of life."

Where will the GBL gang strike next? Only time will tell.