Day of Rememberance On Lakemont Ride

Tuesday morning, Marty Katz, a regular rider in the “third group” at Lakemont was on his way to meet a morning group in Maitland.  Stopped at a red light, in the left turn lane, on Horatio Avenue, he was hit by a car. His injuries are extensive and he’s in ICU at Orlando Regional Medical Center. He sustained 8 or 9 broken ribs, a fractured femur, hip, pelvis and clavicle.  The vehicle was being driven by a high school who had several girls with her in the car heading to school.

Marty underwent surgery on Wednesday, but is breathing now only with the aid of a ventilator.  He is listed in critical condition and the family has requested that there be no visitors but earnestly seeks prayers. A brief prayer vigil was held Thursday night at Lakemont Elementary and before we headed out this morning we had a brief moment of silence and talked about safety issues. Even though Marty had lights on his bike, we were reminded how important visibility is for a cyclist on the road. Being made fun of for looking like a Christmas tree or ambulance may not be a bad thing considering the alternative.

Today was also a reminder of the Ride 2 Recovery ride that is happening tomorrow morning. When I rolled up this morning there were 2 veterans in their Ride 2 Recovery kits on and seeing them out on bikes was a great inspiration. One of the soldiers was missing a left arm and leg and was riding with prosthetic limbs. Nothing can inspire you more than seeing someone that has sacrificed for our country andthen is out riding with the heart of a champion. Absolutely amazing.

You too can honor America’s recovering veterans with a bicycle ride through Seminole County tomorrow, October 17. Ride 2 Recovery of Florida is an advocacy group that promotes cycling as a vehicle to assist in the recovery and rehabilitation of wounded military veterans.  The “Seminole Cyclefest” is a ride designed to raise the awareness of the physical and psychological rehabilitative values of cycling among the civilian, military, and wounded warrior communities.  All monies raised by this event will be used to assist in the recovery of injured veterans.  For more information about Ride 2 Recovery of Florida refer to:
Join this group of cycling advocates as they casually ride through Seminole County with the escort of the Seminole County Sheriff. The ride is open to the public by registration at  “Seminole Cyclefest”. The “Seminole Cyclefest” will start and finish at David’s World Cycles, 1201 South International Parkway, Lake Mary, Florida.  The ride will start promptly at 8:30 AM on Sunday, October 17, 2010.  Riders will select either a 24 mile or 58 mile course through the picturesque townships and lakes of Seminole County.  The ride will be completely supported with rest stations placed approximately 15 miles apart.  All participants receive the official Ride 2 Recovery tee shirt.  Ride packets can be picked up at David’s World Cycle starting at 7:00 AM on the day of the ride.  Same day registration will also begin at 7:00 AM on October 17 at David’s World Cycles.