Bike Walk Week Minneapolis

I thought I would post a little info about the Twin Cities to celebrate Bike Walk Week in Minneapolis this week, Minneapolis is currently America’s best city for biking. The city still trails Portland, Oregon in the percentage of commuters who bike to work (4.3 percent to 5.9 percent, respectively, according to the most recent American Community Survey), but Minneapolis has been gaining momentum. In the last 2 years, biking has gone up 29% and the city hasn't slowed down about pushing cycling and providing facilities to increase ridership.

Minneapolis is also launching the largest bike-share program in the country, building on a strong foundation of extensive bike trails and a thriving bicycling community.  They're also using federal funds to double the mileage of on-street bike lanes, build more road diets, introduce bicycle boulevards, and more. Have a look and see how Minneapolis has shot to the top of America's best bicycling cities. Bike Walk Week