No Excuse Zone Orlando-Final Map

It has taken a while to get the final rides in for the No Excuse Zone, but we finally got them completed and mapped.

We are now going to take this map and perform some additional analysis within the 3 zones. We want to know what the population densities are, % of car traffic and ridership, points of interest, economic centers, neighborhoods, etc. After I get some of this GIS data, I will share the findings. We also want to look at more alternate routes on the ground.

Either way, this graphic demonstrates how efficient many of the arterial roads are to travel here in Orlando. This graphic does not necessarily demonstrate the best routes or the most comfortable routes to ride on. These were strictly the "fastest/direct" routes, and they were all ridden directly on the road or on bike facilities if they were available.

Even though we were able to cover reasonable distances, we could have potentially gone farther, and could have had safer/more comfortable rides if some extra attention had been put on the bicycle and pedestrian transportation and not strictly on automobiles. Hopefully by looking at the statistical data from the 3 zones, we can determine where more investment could potentially be applied, to affect the most people. Ridership will increase by impacting more people and making cycling more comfortable and convenient. Investing in better facilities and cycling/driver education programs are the best ways for Orlando to become more bike/ped friendly.