Cycling at Work? Excercise?

When I am on trips for work or for vacation, I always try to see what the local bike scene is like and what those cities and towns are doing to promote cycling. In Greenville SC I walked by a parking lot and saw this exercise bike locked to a tree.
I laughed and either thought it was a joke or was some type of installation art. It was only until I saw a large man coming over to us to see what we were doing, that I found out the whole story. This gentleman was a the parking lot attendant and during the day, he barely gets any activity (he was only busy during morning and afternoon rush hour). He was trying to lose weight, so he had picked up stationary biking as a way to do some cardio during his down time.

What is crazy is that I had seen this type of thing before. I had to do some digging through some old photos from France, but I remembered seeing this picture in a parking garage. I never found out the story for this one, but who knows, maybe it was just someone trying to burn a few extra pounds.

Cycling is great exercise and is low impact on joints, so if you are trying to get ready for summer at the beach, may I suggest that you get back on the old bike to get back your fitness.