Rahm's Bike Plan for Chicago

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Yes We Can... Do Better for Cyclists
Now that Rahm Emanuel is back on the ticket in Chicago, let's look at what the potential next Mayor has revealed so far about his plan for cycling in the windy city. Chicago blogger Steven Vance has a good post about it. In general, Mr. Emanuel's plan to improve biking seems pretty promising.
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Electoral Promises
Electoral promises aren't the safest bet around, but let's have a look anyway. What has been promised so far?
  • He will build 25 miles of new bike lanes each year and prioritize protected bike lanes.
  • "...initiate a review of [the Bike 2015 Plan's] goals and timelines to identify opportunities to expand the plan and accelerate the pace of implementation."
  • Rahm will have the Bloomingdale Trail open and functional by the end of his term.
  • Make an ordinance that says buildings with over 200 workers must install indoor bike parking.
  • Double the number of on-street bike parking, including in neighborhoods.
So far Emanuel is the only candidate to have released a bike plan with this level of details. Let's hope it'll make bike infrastructure an election issue. Of course, the real question is "will it be implemented if he's elected?". The best way to ensure that is to have activists who hold his feet to the fire after the election...

Via Steven Vance, Streetsblog