Typical Saturday

The weather in Florida is in the 70s now, and is perfect riding conditions. Rode with the Lakemont group for the usual 50 miles of spandex clad fun.

We heard a grizzly story from last week's C group. With the temperatures starting out in the 50s when we get started, people are wearing base layers, arm warmers, etc. Apparently a guy was removing a jacket while riding at about 20mph and the wind caught it and sent it into his rear wheel. Needless to say it immediately wrapped into his spokes and chain and stopped the bike abruptly. This sent the rider head first over the bike and he struck his head hard enough that he was knocked out for a few seconds.

It was a good reminder that everyone needed to be careful when riding out there, and we needed to keep our eyes peeled for what the people around us may be trying to do. Just because people do it on the professional races, doesn't mean that we can do it too. Especially since that type of motion isn't something that we deal with on a ride to ride basis.

Ride on, and ride safe!