Got Bikes?...Ride 'em! - Part 2

Tonight was the second community workshop for the Got Bikes?...Ride 'em! program. We were visiting the Dover Shores Community Center, in District 2, and we were joined by Commissioner Tony Ortiz.

Tonight's presentation was even better than the first, and it helped that we had over 125 children, about a dozen parents, and even a dozen more staff members from the community center. We went through the same presentation and safety demonstration and gave away 4 brand new bikes and helmets to 4 lucky winners of the raffle.

The most interesting part of the evening was the trip over to the community center. Geoff and I had to ride on Conway and Curry Ford and we encountered several motorists that weren't too friendly to cyclists. We had two cars that laid on their horns behind us, even though they had room in the left lane to pass us. Poor Geoff actually had a car pass us, yell at us, and then throw a can of "dip" tobacco at him and hit his arm while riding. It just showed us that there are plenty of uneducated, rude drivers out there. It probably would have helped if we had bike lanes to ride in, but either way the drivers didn't know the law and weren't willing to share the road!

We head to College Park for next week's workshop. I am waiting for some pictures from the City of Orlando, to update the posts and give you some images to go along with the stories. If you have any used bicycles or want to donate to the program, please let me know. Ride on!