Roadside Assistance

I have been out in Texas all week for work, and am in a small town that doesn't have a single bicycle facility to be found. It is pretty amazing when you go from a place that you would feel comfortable biking anywhere, to a place that doesn't even have a bike rack. I have gotten to enjoy the stationary bike in the Holiday Inn, so I am not completely out of the saddle, but definitely not the same.

On this slow week of riding, and the lack of access, I was reminded of a service that I discovered on the internet a while back. This service is your typical roadside assistance, but strictly for bicycles. I always think that people should know how to change their own tires, do minor maintenance and repairs, and be prepared before each ride in case of any emergencies. Maybe riders that are in extreme locations or that are new to riding, could use this service, but these seems a little too cautious. 

I look forward to my weekend ride on Saturday and getting back to riding country! Ride on!