Bike Lane Fail

On my ride home tonight I encountered an unwelcome guest in the bike lane. Tomorrow is trash day and typically I get to dodge the usual bin left out in the street, but in one stretch of my trip I came upon a heap of limbs and landscape debris that completely covered the bike lane and even out into the road. Of course I had the normal 5 o'clock traffic buzzing next to me so that I had to stop and ease around the debris, hoping that a car will be nice enough to let me in the flow of traffic.

This is a great website that has great photos of cars and debris blocking bike lanes from around the world, and allows you to report bike lane violations anonymously.

Non-cyclists should just remember how frustrated they get when their travel lane gets blocked by an obstruction and they had to yield to the oncoming traffic to continue on. They should then imagine what it feels like to do that on a bicycle while trying to not get run over from behind. Not fun.