Ride Full of Right Turns

In my short commute to and from home and work, I typically have a smooth, trouble free ride, free of conflicts with automobile traffic. Today, was not one of those days.

On three occasions today I had cars that tried to turn to the right, right in front of me. All of my rides today were during the rush periods of the day, and the drivers that tried to cut me off were driving aggressively and seemed to have to be somewhere in a hurry. They were accelerating rapidly from stop lights and stop signs and it is interesting as a cyclists, that sometimes you just see vehicles that you automatically know are going to give you trouble.

All three of my close encounters were cars that came up from behind me, passed me, slowed down so that I was about half a car length from behind them, and then they turned without using their blinker onto side streets or driveways. Even though you see it about to happen, you still can't hardly get any words out other than "Hey!!!" or "Nice blinker!".

Tomorrow is going to be better. The weather is gradually getting warmer again and as the work week heads toward Friday, people seem to not be in such a rush as they are at the beginning of the week. Either way I'll have my head on a swivel and my eyes wide open!

Ride safe!