Cyclist's Best Friend

I would be remiss if I didn't reveal my favorite riding partner. As with any entity that you spend a lot of time around or with, you bond and feel like you become one with that entity. It goes without saying that my bikes, especially my Trek and I are basically one in the same, but my favorite riding companion is my Australian Sheppard, Cricket. It's been a good week in the saddle and one of the highlights of each of my days is a ride after work on my bike, with Cricket running along side me.

When we got Cricket we knew that she would be an energetic dog and that she would require exercise each day, but it's hard to imagine running at least 2 miles, as fast as a dog wants to run.

At first I was worried about Cricket lunging or running too far in front and possibly getting into the front tire and spokes, but she intuitively knew what the bike was doing and trusted me in not running over her.

Cricket usually starts her run with a full sprint for about .5 miles and then settle into a steady run for another mile or so. Of course she hits the finish line with another .25 mile sprint and we average about 8 miles an hour over the 2+ mile route.

Riding with Cricket not only gives her the exercise and activity that she requires, but it also is another way for people to see cycling in action. At least once a week we get stopped by people walking in the neighborhood, driving by, or out with their own dog. Most people don't think about using their bicycle to play with their dog, but I have found that it is great for the dog and is a good way to illustrate different ways to ride. Any time on the bike is quality time, and time with man's best friend is even better.