Orlando's First Bike Corral

Yesterday was a great day for Orlando and for the state of Florida. Orlando installed its first bike corral, in the Ivanhoe Village District. Compliments have to be extended to FDOT, District 3 Commissioner Robert Stuart, and Ivanhoe Village Main Street. It shows how a need, a simple solution, and organizations working together can implement great things. 

The new corral was installed in front of Ethos Vegan Kitchen, and even though a new bike rack isn't usually news worthy, this type of bike parking could be a break through for the increasing bike problems (lack there of) that face cities. This bike coral takes away one parking space for a car and installs 6 bike rings that could easily hold 12 bikes. 

 Providing ample, convenient, comfortable and secure bicycle parking is an important part of serving those who currently use bicycles for transportation and encouraging future cyclists.  Bicycle parking is an inexpensive and efficient means of increasing both public and private parking capacity for the city as a whole.