National Bike Summit Kicks Off in DC

national bike summit earl photo

March 8-10, 2011, at the Grand Hyatt, Metro Center
It has already been a year since the last National Bike Summit, and this year's edition is starting today in Washington DC at the Grand Hyatt. The organizers write: "There are more people riding bikes than ever. Yet half of all U.S. trips are three miles or less, and more than 90 percent are made by car. The National Bike Summit has improved bicycle-friendliness and livability in many communities, but the need and opportunity to improve physical activity, safety and livability in the U.S., while reducing congestion, greenhouse gas emissions and our dependence on oil - remains greater today than a decade ago. These issues seem difficult to solve but the answer is simple. The answer is the bicycle. "
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Some of the notable speakers will be:
Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood, who will speak at the National Bike Summit's March 8 opening dinner. LaHood is one of the cycling movement's most influential allies. You can see his famous "tabletop" speech here.

Janette Sadik-Khan, the Commissioner of the New York City Department of Transportation, is the keynote speaker at the opening plenary, Wednesday March 9. Since her appointment in 2007, the New York City has completed more than 250 miles of bike lanes and 20 miles of cycle track; passed innovative bicycle parking legislation and delivered extensive education and safety programs. Bicycle use has doubled since 2006, while fatalities have fallen to their lowest level in decades.

If you're interested, you can check out the schedule here and then register when you get on site.

Via League of American Bicyclists