Separated Bike Lanes in Vancouver

Here is some positive cycling news and another good example of new types of successful cycling infrastructure. Vancouver, British Columbia, in response to an infrastructure-driven jump in ridership, is installing a new separated two-way bike corridor on their downtown Dunsmuir Street. The project itself, part of an eventual network of protected lanes, seems impressive enough. But as the videos below show, the would-be "greenest city in the world" absolutely nails the presentation.

In 2006, the Canadian Census reported that Vancouver's bike-to-work mode share increased to 4 per cent (the highest of Canada's largest cities and second highest for all Canadian cities).The experience of other cities suggests that perception of safety is essential to attracting more people to cycling and that separated bike lanes are perceived to be safer and more satisfying to cyclists than cycling next to traffic. The City of Vancouver is moving forward with separated bike lanes on existing bike routes in the downtown to connect key destinations, such as the central business district.