Floating Bike Lanes In Our Future?

floating bike path image
What happens when rising waters cover your cycling infrastructure from flooding, global warming, or just poor path location? Where can bike trails be placed when there is little room along the banks of waterways? Floating bike paths may be a solution for water logged trails or for when dry land is limited.

The Water Architect, Bart van Bueren proposes floating bike lanes. The architect submitted it to a competition called "nipped in the bud - New Bike Paths."
The competition is organized by the Cement & Concrete Centre and it was therefore the objective something sustainable and innovative to do with concrete. There were 58 entries in, ranging from concrete posts where cyclists while waiting for a traffic light on their feet and can put up with festive LEDs in the concrete bike path were processed.
Bart designed the bike path out of foamed concrete, that floats on the water but is stable."The jury will find this resource particularly valuable because of its applicability in the context of climate adaptation."

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