Inspirations for Winter Riding

Cold days commuting, like today, make me have to think of all of those hot, Florida summer days of riding. Luckily temperature can be manageable with proper attire. It feels like you can't have enough layers on with these winter commutes. The sweaters, gloves, and ear warmers are a must!

Some inspirations that I use to face the cold are the images that Copenhagenize posted this week. They are experiencing "real winter", and not just cool mornings like we have here in Florida. I also enjoy viewing some of the videos from the Netherlands that show some of the best ridership and infrastructure in the world. As the videographer in one of the video describes in their video description,
This is what a real town looks like. I love Groningen so much because the people ALL ride bicycles and the infrastructure for bicycles is best on Earth. No comparison to anywhere else.