NACTO Urban Bikeways Design Guide Released for Download!

nacto urban bikeway guide photo
The National Association of City Transportation Officials has released its Urban Bikeways Design Guide (you can download it in PDF format). This reference guide should be on the bookshelf of all urban planners, and even if they don't follow its suggestions exactly, they should at least know about them. Cities shouldn't constantly have to reinvent the wheel, and bikeway best practices should spread all over the world from the places that "get it" (like Copenhagen).
nacto urban bikeway guide photo

Infrastructure is crucial if cycling is to become more popular in the US. Many cities have shown that if you build it, they will come...
NACTO encourages the exchange of transportation ideas, insights, and practices among large central cities while fostering a cooperative approach to key national transportation issues.
  • Sharing data and best practices, through research projects and peer-to-peer sessions
  • Communicating regularly, through conference calls with the Cities and via an annual meeting with the USDOT Secretary and other federal agencies
  • Advocating change in transportation laws, regulations, and financing to enable large cities to better provide the integrated transportation services envisioned by Federal transportation law.
The web version of the guide will be updated to reflect the latest changes.