Cycle Savy Course Gets Some Good Coverage

As I am getting ready to head out and see Brooklyn, I happened to check out how things are going in Orlando and came across this video from the Orlando Sentinel. I was glad to see that cycling advocate; Keri Caffrey's Cycling Savvy course got the attention of the Sentinel's Dan Tracy. She took him on a ride to prove how friendly Orlando roads are to cyclist.

I have always said that I haven't witnessed enough ill will toward cyclists to convince me that Orlando wasn't safe for riding, but not all cities have the same attitudes toward cyclists and pedestrians. I think that the education that Keri teaches is vital in showing riders how to react around automobiles, but educating drivers how to react around cyclists is just as important. The simple fact that accidents do happen and crashes can occur to the most avid cyclist is why my personal belief in infrastructure and special facilities are a good way for cyclists to become comfortable with riding on the road and let the roadway design help keep cyclists and pedestrians safe.

Here in New York people used to think that you were crazy to mix it up with the taxis and buses of the city, but with the city's emphasis on new bike facilities, cycling has exploded as a common sense way to travel. I plan on seeing even more evidence of this as I head to Brooklyn today. I'll be sure to share what I find.